What is website / page speed optimization?

Page speed test is a tool which provide us informations about speed of certein website throughout so many different modules which affect website speed. One of the best tools available for page speed test is the one Google provided, and it’s called PageSpeed Insights. They are so many websites which are offering same tests and the most popular are GMetrix, Pingdom tools, Website speed test by Uptrends and others.

Page speed elements

When testing website, tests are done both mobile and desktop. Most of the testing tools online are offering solutions for increasing website speed and those elements are:

  • Browser Cache – Represents all files which are stored in your browsers memory and estimated time when they are “released”. Fixing this issue can be done by placing appropriate piece of code in your website restricting time which files are reloaded again.
  • Above the fold optimization – While opening a specific website, our browser is rendering all elements which are the main part of every website, php, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and others. Testing tools are providing us when are those files rendered and what we need to do, to make rendering faster without rounding circles. Above the fold optimization usually present render blocking elements which are not set up correctly and which can cause slower rendering and loading of our website.
  • Server response time – one of the most important element in page speed. Carefully choosing the best hosting provider is crucial in this case. Awerage server response time is less than 0.3 seconds.
  • Image optimization – Large images are pretty hard to load on slow internet connections. Optimizing images for web usage is also pretty important. Slow image loading will decrease complete website load and visitors will spend less time on wesbite. Nobody likes slow websites.
  • Minify – There are three main minify rules while optimizing website. Those are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Minify or shrinking size of these files will affect load time of website in most cases more than 20%.
  • Compression – The best and the most used compression is GZip compression. GZip automatically compress website and make it smaller in size. Couple of things must be done before GZip compression. optimizing server and testing it for GZip test.

Usefull plugins for WordPress websites

Autoptimize – Really good plugin for optimizing websites. It’s free and main function is to minify script files but it’s also good for browser cache.

W3 Total Cache – Works really well with Autoptimize. After this plugin you won’t need anything more for major optimization work. Depending of hosting, some users are also using WP super cache which is also really helpfull plugin.

Ewww Image Optimized – Extremly good plugin for optimizing images and reducing their size. This plugin is free.

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