In this article we’re gonna talk about wordpress, what is that, what are the basics of wordpress, understanding posts, pages, comments, media, themes and plugins.


WordPress CMS


WordPress is open CMS (Content Management System) platform. When we say “open” it means¬† code of wordpress is open source, so basicly everyone with php knowledge can be contributor. At the beginning, wordpress was only blogging platform used by bloggers, but later on it became so powerful tool that most of the world largest websites are built in wordpress platform. Right now, wordpress empowers more than 31% of all websites in the world.


WordPress editing


Using a wordpress doesn’t require knowing any programming language at all. It’s created for users to be as simple as possible. WordPress has “two” sides, methaphorically speaking. Front end side which is the visible part of the website and backend where all magic happeneds.

This is an example of front end wordpress website. Theme used in this screenshot is Twenty Fifteen (default WordPress theme):

(click on image to enlarge it)

And this is an example of backend wordpress website:

WordPress Options

Popularity of wordpress is that is has million of options which we can customize per our needs. Some of them are:

  • Themes – We can change wordpress theme with one click. There’s a whole market of free and premium wordpress theme which we can download / buy for our wordpress website. Installing new theme is also made pretty easy, all we have to do is find .zip file of our choosen theme, upload it in Theme section and press “save”. Our newly installed theme is ready to go in just few minutes. Theme represent visual appearance of our wordpress website.
  • Plugins – Small pieces of code added in wordpress are called plugins. Installing new plugin in our wordpress website is same as theme. For example if we want fancy slider, or nice looking gallery or perhaps simple shortcode for different font color we can use plugins. Plugins are also available in free and premium (paid) versions, depends what we need.
  • Posts – This is the main and primary function of wordpress website. Posts are basicly articles which we write and keep our wordpress website updated with new informations.
  • Pages – Pages are static parts of our wordpress website and we use them to describe things which do not need update frequently
  • Media – Part of wordpress where we store our images and videos.

Here is example how these options look on backend:






In next article we are gonna explain usage of post, pages, galleries and other important options in wordpress.

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